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English 2-First Quiz

English Word Lists for KUT Students

Edited by KUT English Faculty Members. 2008

For a limited circulation among the students of KUT

001. Each applicant(지원자) is required to submit a resume.

002. Most people feel apprehensive(걱정하는) before an important job interview.

003. The applicant should demonstrate aptitude(재능) in the following areas.

004. Two of the applicants were associated(관련시키다) with a rival firm.

005. Avid Pharmaceuticals is seeking a bilingual(2개 국어를 구사하는) call center manager.

006. Five candidates(지원자) will be selected for final interviews.

007. Wages will be commensurate(비례한) with experience and qualifications.

008. We have confidence(확신) that she can handle the position.

009. Emma currently works in London as an interior design consultant(고문).

010. The part time workers are also eligible(자격이 있는) for paid holidays.

011. The company announced employment(고용) opportunities in its accounts department.

012. Executive level staff are entitled(~에게 ~할 자격을 주다) to additional benefits.

013. Twelve people got through(합격하다) the first round of interviews.

014. Employees with good records will receive wage increments(증가) as an incentive.

015. Wage increases lag(뒤쳐지다) considerably behind current inflation rates.

016. I am seeking a managerial(관리의) position in the accounting field.

017. The candidate's qualifications match(~에 어울리다) the job description.

018. Applicants must meet(만족시키다) all the requirements for the job.

019. Journalism is an interesting and challenging occupation(직업).

020. Applicants must apply in person unless otherwise(달리) indicated.

021. Paychecks(급료) are mailed out each month.

022. Fifteen new employees were added to the payroll(임금 대장) last month.

023. All new employees must sign up for the national pension(연금) plan.

024. The company will offer contracts on completion of a probationary(견습의) period.

025. Compliance with the principles of professional(직업의) ethics is mandatory.

026. The firm recruits(모집하다) promising graduates on a yearly basis.

027. Philippa asked her ex-boss to write a reference(추천서) for her.

028. All applicants will be considered regardless of(~에 관계없이) age, gender, or race.

029. Frequent travel is a requirement(필요조건) of this position.

030. Fax your resume(이력서) and cover letter to the above address.

031. Proper nutrition is necessary for the prevention(예방) of illness.

032. Some foods can cause allergic reactions(반응) in children.

033. The counselor recommended(권고하다) that Phillip stop drinking.

034. Time is needed to make a complete recovery(쾌유).

035. AlphaCough effectively relieves(완화시키다) the symptoms of winter colds.

036. Taking this medicine is a good remedy(치료법) for indigestion.

037. The 80 year-old still enjoys robust(튼튼한) health.

038. A weakened immune system makes one susceptible(~에 걸리기 쉬운) to colds.

039. The lawyer exhibited symptoms(증상) of a stress disorder.

040. Uncertified workers earn lower wages(임금) than certified staff.

041. Congress decided to abolish(폐지하다) taxes on imported fruit.

042. Only authorized personnel may request access(이용권한) to client files.

043. We strive to operate in accordance(일치) with local customs.

044. All transactions must be handled according to(~에 따라) the guidelines.

045. The director accused(비난하다) his secretary of leaking classified information.

046. It is difficult to adhere(고수하다) to all the policies.

047. Please obtain the supervisor's approval(승인) before purchasing supplies.

048. Employees must have security cards at all times(항상).

049. Professional business attire(복장) is required from all presentation participants.

050. The attorney(변호사) advised his client to remain silent.

051. Allocations of funds must be authorized(~을 인가하다) by management.

052. The new legislation will circumscribe(~을 제한하다) the use of animals in product testing.

053. The doctor prescribed(처방하다) a remedy for the cold.

054. Employees must comply(따르다) with the regulations governing computer use.

055. Employees voiced concerns(우려) about safety at the meeting.

056. The suspect was kept in custody(감금) for three days.

057. The tardiness policy will be in effect(효과) starting next week.

058. All departments must enforce(시행하다) the no-smoking policy.

059. Management decide not to make exceptions(예외) to the rules.

060. Visitors are required to present a form(유형) of identification to security guards.

061. The company's owners will be charged with tax fraud(사기).

062. Setting goals should be a regular habit(버릇).

063. Effective immediately(즉시), pension installments will be automatically deducted from each paycheck.

064. An infringement(침해) of copyright led to the cancellation of production.

065. The committee unanimously voted for the new export limitation legislation(법률).

066. All legitimate(합법적인) business expenses will be reimbursed.

067. We will pursue litigation(소송) against all delinquent debtors.

068. We will close tomorrow in observance(준수) of the national holiday.

069. Employees circulated a petition(진정서) to ban smoking in the building.

071. The procedure(절차) for patent applications is outlined on the APTO website.

072. The museum prohibits(금지하다) visitors from taking pictures.

073. The government may prosecute(기소하다) journalists for publishing classified information.

074. Guards should refrain(자제하다) from talking on shift.

075. Regulations(규정) regarding lunch breaks were established.

076. Access is restricted(제한하다) to authorized personnel.

077. Those who share company data with outside parties will be severely(심하게) reprimanded.

078. Monthly premiums(보험료) will rise next year.

079. Please read the user manual thoroughly(철저하게) before installing this software.

080. The content of the website may violate(위반하다) copyright laws.

081. All our employees are accustomed(~에 익숙한) to using accounting software.

082. The training program acquaints(~에게 ~을 숙지시키다) new employees with company procedures.

083. The company owns affiliates(계열사) in several markets.

084. Staff with outstanding attendance(출석) records were awarded bonuses.

085. IT staff check(검사하다) all computers regularly for disk errors.

086. Training programs can help increase the rapport between colleagues(동료).

087. The sales team concentrated(집중하다) on developing new strategies.

088. The writer condensed(간추리다) the report into a brief summary.

089. The company developed into a global conglomerate(거대 복합기업).

090. The secretary urgently conveyed(전달하다) the message to the director.

091. Employees are encouraged to join(~에 가입하다) the health club.

092. Managers must be skilled in delegating(위임하다) responsibilities to subordinates.

093. This medicinal(약용의) herb can only be obtained in this area.

094. All regional branches report directly(곧바로) to our head office in Washington.

095. The technician will transfer to the automobile division(부서) after training.

096. The software helps employees work more efficiently(효율적으로).

097. Sending invoices electronically(온라인으로) saves time and resources.

098. The manager granted an extension(연장) on the deadline.

099. He followed up on(~에 대해 후속 조치하다) the manager's suggestion.

100. The deadline for the report is impending(임박한).

101. A replacement will work in her absence(~의 부재시에).

102. Please describe the problem in writing(서면으로).

103. The organizers instructed(가르치다) participants to pre-read the conference materials.

104. Dr. Mair was personally involved(관계된) in the decision making process.

105. The boss decided Colleen could manage(~을 경영하다) the new store.

106. Many companies circulate a weekly memorandum(회람) summarizing business transactions.

107. Staff applying for leave must notify(~에게 통지하다) their supervisor in writing.

108. Operating factory machinery on one's own(혼자서) is dangerous.

109. An expert consultant will oversee(감독하다) the installation process.

110. Hiring decisions are made by the factory's proprietor(소유자).

111. Balanced nutrition(영양) is essential for growing children.

112. The company released(공개하다) its annual report.

113. The secretary reminded(~에게 상기시키다) the director of his lunch meeting.

114. Factory tours are available upon request(요청).

115. The team manager will make revisions(수정) on the proposal.

116. Applicants should submit(제출하다) a resume to the personnel manager.

117. He requested the aid of a few subordinates(부하직원).

118. The acting vice president oversees the subsidiary(자회사).

119. Close supervision(감독) ensures quality.

120. The company ordered a translation(번역) of the contract into Icelandic.

121. Careful planning is essential for accomplishing(성취하다) goals.

122. The employees quickly adjusted(적응하다) to their new responsibilities.

123. The team agreed(동의하다) on the recommendations of the advisor.

124. Steve has aspirations(포부) to become a partner in the firm.

125. HR assigns(배정하다) a unique security ID to all incoming recruits.

126. A consultant assisted(돕다) with preparing for the conference.

127. The management assumes(책임/역할을 떠맡다) employees are satisfied.

128. Our combined(합동의) experience has produced great sales results.

129. IJMR Ltd. will conduct(수행하다) the research study.

130. Her assignment was highly confidential(기밀의).

131. Techworld is in financial trouble, despite claims to the contrary(반대로).

132. The Chicago office coordinated(조정하다) the planning process.

133. We provide outsourcing services that clients can count on(~을 믿다).

134. Our Beijing office has established a creditable(훌륭한) reputation in China.

135. The receptionist directs(~에게 길을 가리키다) customers to the product display area.

136. Listening to loud music in the office could be disturbing(방해하는) to coworkers.

137. In her new position, Sheila had to draw on(~을 이용하다) her experience from past jobs.

138. Head office ordered a duplicate(사본) of the contract.

139. The consultant was an eminent(저명한) researcher.

140. We will endeavor(노력하다) to finish the project by Friday.

141. Each worker was engaged(관여하다) in at least two projects.

142. Assigned tasks must be executed(수행하다) promptly and efficiently.

143. Staff dinners helped foster(촉진하다) better work relations.

144. Competition for performance bonuses caused friction(불화) amongst employees.

145. The CEO gets along with(~와 사이좋게 지내다) his new advisor very well.

146. She was hardly(거의 ~하지 않다) ever late for her shift.

147. The intern was dismissed on charges of insubordinate(반항하는) behavior.

148. She had every intention(의지) of attending the conference, but couldn't.

149. As of late, the staff has been rather lax(규율에 못 미치는) in turning in reports.

150. The company accused union activists of maligning(~을 헐뜯다) its integrity.

151. His neutrality(중립) was called into question.

152. She occasionally(때때로) failed to perform critical tasks.

153. We often use an agency to find reliable temporary personnel(직원).

154. The director accused his assistant of procrastinating(꾸물거리다).

155. Salesmen are reminded to be respectful(정중한) to all clients.

156. The disputing parties explained their respective(각각의) positions.

157. Employees are responsible(책임이 있는) for their own safety at work.

158. Government workers are routinely(정기적으로) required to get health checkups.

159. The strategy was so successful that it was used for all subsequent(그 이후의) projects.

160. Eastel Networks helps transform(바꾸다) your business models in innovative ways.

161. She had to undertake(떠맡다) the task at short notice.

162. He voluntarily(자발적으로) took on the arduous task to gain experience.

163. Free health checkups for all staff members are offered periodically(주기적으로).

164. The 18th floor is only accessible(출입할 수 있는) to executive-level staff.

165. Alison accidentally(우연히) made some errors in the financial statements.

166. It is advisable(바람직한) to update IT equipment regularly.

167. Tensions were aggravated(악화시키다) by the recent staff layoffs.

168. Mr. Dane posted an announcement(공고) about the general meeting.

169. Apparently(겉으로 보기에), Mr. Jones wasn't aware of today's meeting.

170. The problem must be considered from every aspect(관점).

171. Workers should be made aware(알고 있는) of safety.

172. Government officials will inspect the plant's compliance(준수) with safety guidelines.

173. Management is concerned(염려하는) about security.

174. Our team is prepared for all contingencies(불의의 사태).

175. Sales figures demonstrate(증명하다) that the advertising campaign was successful.

176. Required overtime will be divided(나누다) equally amongst employees.

177. The company embraced(받아들이다) the new technology.

178. Occupants were told to evacuate(대피하다) the building immediately.

179. This kind of project falls outside our area of expertise(전문적 기술).

180. Overtime is available for those willing to work extended(연장한) hours.

181. Businesses are faced(직면하다) with the challenge of foreign competition.

182. A technician is on call to correct system failures(고장).

183. Feedback(의견) from one's colleagues can be of great assistance.

184. The delegates followed(~을 따라가다) the guide into the exhibition hall.

185. Board members voted to implement(실행하다) an innovative marketing campaign.

186. Please inform(~에게 알리다) the director that the meeting is cancelled.

187. Management offered employees stock options instead of(~ 대신에) wage increases.

188. The blackout caused a brief interruption(중단) in internet access.

189. Tech support makes sure(확인하다) that the network is functioning.

190. Please deal with personal matters(문제) outside the office.

191. The pharmaceutical(제약의) company markets children's dietary supplements.

192. Experienced staff may be offered management level privileges(특권).

193. It is company policy to respond promptly(즉시) to all inquiries.

194. We cannot realistically(현실적으로) expect to have the presentation ready on time.

195. Audits will continue throughout the remainder(나머지) of the month.

196. Crews rushed(서두르다) to finish construction ahead of schedule.

197. All employees must sign out(서명하다) for all breaks.

198. A sophisticated(정교한) security system was installed.

199. Mr. Brooke spoke(이야기하다) his clients about a new venture.

200. BMI Construction Ltd. regularly takes on(떠맡다) large-scale projects.

201. The report was completed in a timely(시기적절한) manner.

202. The reduction in breaks triggered(야기하다) employee complaints.

203. Violation(위반) of safety codes may result in dismissal.

204. The recent economic crisis will not abate(누그러지다) soon.

205. The middle class faces the most adversity(역경) during depressions.

206. An ailing(병든) economy has forced the unemployment rates to increase considerably.

207. The report asserts(단언하다) that economic growth will continue.

208. The real estate industry has helped boost(부양하다) the economy.

209. A brisk(호황의) market is developing in online shopping.

210. To prevent an economic collapse(붕괴), the president froze prices.

211. The organization promotes international commerce(통상).

212. Profits grew as a consequence(결과) of increased business.

213. The entire industry is going through an economic depression(불황).

214. Forecasters warned that the economy would deteriorate(악화되다).

215. Interest rates climbed dramatically(극적으로).

216. The company's economic fortunes dwindled(줄어들다) in the 1990s.

217. Companies are searching for economical(경제적인) ways to utilize energy.

218. Trade restrictions may entail(~을 수반하다) economic costs.

219. Concerns over the bankruptcy are fairly(상당히) widespread.

220. The rate of unemployment has fallen(하락하다) steadily this quarter.

221. The newly-merged firm is flourishing(번창하다) despite organizational weaknesses.

222. Natural calamities in the summer will impede(저해하다) national growth.

223. The Supreme Court ruling has implications(영향) for small businesses.

224. Current economic indicators(지표) show admirable growth in mining.

225. Mr. Bentley consulted a physician(내과의사) about his high blood pressure.

226. She helped lead(이끌다) the company to success.

227. The new CEO is likely(~할 것 같은) to confront major challenges.

228. Overall(전반적인) profitability was impacted by the lagging economy.

229. Too much stress can lead to fatigue(피로).

230. Weak industries are facing prospects(전망) of inflated interest rates.

231. Strong economic growth is a prerequisite for national prosperity(번영).

232. Energy demand increased rapidly(급속히).

233. The bank calculated the debt ratio(비율) of the company.

234. The cost of living should remain(여전히~한 상태이다) stable over the next decade.

235. Production costs are expected to skyrocket(치솟다).

236. Experts predict a gradual slowdown(경기후퇴) in the nation's economy.

237. Rates have soared(폭등하다) due to inflation.

238. Absolute Pharmaceuticals Inc. forbids(금지하다) its employees to smoke.

239. Increased export production will supplement(보완하다) weak domestic sales.

240. The delivery service industry is thriving(번영하다).

241. Gas prices have been unstable(불안정한) in recent years.

242. Brushing after every meal maintains oral health(구강 건강).

243. Consumer spending is on the wane(감소).

244. Those wishing to visit the exhibit will be charged an extra admission(입장) fee.

245. The writer is an advocate(옹호자) of public education.

246. St. John's University alumni(동창생) were invited to the graduation ceremony.

247. The orphanage received $6,000 from an anonymous(익명의) donor.

248. The novelist appeared(나타나다) at the bookstore to sign autographs.

249. The organization's work is beneficial(유익한) to the community.

250. He wondered whether he'd have time to care for(~을 돌보다) a pet.

251. Many celebrities(유명인사) attended the city's summer park festival.

252. The Actors Guild protested the censorship(검열) of politically controversial films.

253. The museum has a unique collection(수집물) of stamps.

254. Amateur pianist Andrew Ward came in third(3위로 입상하다).

255. One of the contestants(경기자) won an around-the-world ticket.

256. The doctor is a regular contributor(기고가) to the newspaper.

257. Current(현재의) subscribers to the magazine will receive a free supplement.

258. The documentary series defies(저항하다) conventional wisdom about fitness.

259. The library is accepting donations(기증) of children's books.

260. A revised edition(<간행물의> 판) of ASU will be published soon.

261. The editorial is enlightening(계몽적인).

262. The press enthusiastically(열광적으로) applauded the persuasive speech.

263. The gallery hosted an exhibition(전시회) of urban scenic photographs.

264. Many fascinating(매혹적인) pieces of art were on display.

265. The performance schedule of the jazz festival has yet to be(아직 ~않다) decided.

266. The performers improvised(즉흥 연주를 하다) a jazz melody.

267. The documentary was informative(유익한) and interesting.

268. A healthy diet strengthens the immune(면역의) system.

269. The library lends(빌려주다) a variety of audio-visual materials.

270. Smoking induces(유발하다) health risks such as lung cancer.

271. The tournament will be held at the local(지방의) high school.

272. Tickets for the matinee(낮 공연) cost a third of the price of a regular showing.

273. The memoirs(회고록) of the financial guru are already a hit.

274. Municipal(시<市>의) elections will be held in two weeks.

275. The play showing at the downtown theater is a must-see(꼭 봐야 하는 것).

276. Please note(주목하다) the intricate details of the architecture.

277. The old editions are out of print(절판되어).

278. The periodical(정기 간행물) highlights the most recent developments in IT.

279. The outdoor movie screenings were very popular(인기 있는).

280. Please present(제시하다) valid tickets at the door.

281. A new editorial section will be included in the publication(간행물).

282. We attended the premiere showing(상영) of the Julie Garner movie.

283. I want to get a subscription(구독) to the Weekly Herald.

284. The ticket is not transferable(양도할 수 있는).

285. A reporter spoke to a candidate in the upcoming(다가오는).

286. The newsstand has variety(다양성) of magazines and newspapers.

287. The frozen food industry can affect(영향을 미치다) the canned goods market.

288. The latest market analysis(분석) shows an increase in used car purchases.

289. Macrochips denied claims(주장) of copying a competitor's design.

290. Marketing departments watch the latest trends closely(면밀히).

291. Online advertising is cheaper in comparison(비교) with television.

292. Competition(경쟁) in the game software market has increased.

293. The Barkley Company achieved high sales growth for the third consecutive(연속 적인) year.

294. The factory has consistently(항상) provided the highest grade products.

295. Wyman's new products have consolidated(강화하다) its market position.

296. The managers met to contend(대처하다) with customer appeals.

297. The company could not meet the increased demand(수요) for cell phones.

298. Sun manufacturing does its utmost(전력을 다하다) to ensure the quality of its products.

299. Several employees suffered from inhalation(흡입) of toxic fumes.

300. Big car manufacturers are facing an especially(특히) difficult year for sales.

301. R&D will examine(조사하다) food consumption trends in foreign markets.

302. Brahe Optics has expanded(넓히다) its manufacturing division.

303. The expectation(예상) is that costs will be cut.

304. Internet service providers struggle to survive in today's extremely(극도로) competitive market.

305. Management decided to focus(집중시키다) resources on expansion.

306. Employees are eligible for(받을 자격이 있는) dental insurance.

307. The survey will gauge(측정하다) consumer reaction to utility price increases.

308. Price fluctuations had a major impact(충격) on the market.

309. Government intervention(간섭) in the market causes problems.

310. A bad marketing plan could jeopardize(위태롭게 하다) our reputation.

311. Sunshine Media modestly(겸손하게) accepted the Best Advertisement Award.

312. The accessories market is gaining momentum(추진력).

313. Panatronic has a virtual monopoly(전매) on the manufacture of digital recorders.

314. There is mounting(증가하는) pressure from management to increase productivity.

315. Public perception(인식) of the product affects sales.

316. Persistent(끊임없는) trade problems in Asia have weakened the global economy.

317. A promotion campaign aimed at probable(유망한) investors began last week.

318. We used mass mailing methods to raise(올리다) awareness of our brand.

319. Participants for the study were chosen randomly(임의로) from a list of volunteers.

320. Dwindling sales are reflective(반영하는) of the current state of the company.

321. 85% of survey respondents(응답자) evaluated the product highly.

322. The sugarcane industry is vulnerable to seasonal(계절의) variations.

323. Product surveys(설문조사) help to improve quality.

324. Questionnaires are useful tools(도구) for product marketing.

325. Advertising needs to target a particular segment(부분) of the market.

326. Plenty of research must be done before adopting(채택하다) a particular marketing strategy.

327. One advantage(이점) of consumer testing is the development of marketing insight.

328. Sales have been propelled by the new advertisement(광 . 고).

329. Coburn & Johnson Ltd. advises(조언해주다) clients on intellectual property matters.

330. The best company representatives aggressively(적극적으로) seek out potential clients.

331. Sport Apparel developed athletic gear aimed(~을 겨누다) at teenagers.

332. The automaker is making an effort to attract(끌다) younger buyers.

333. Customers eagerly await(기다리다) the opening of the technology showroom.

334. The brand now caters(요구에 응하다) to the middle class.

335. Businesses must be resourceful when confronted(~에 직면하다) with crises.

336. The company is working to gain consumers‘(소비자) trust.

337. He came up with a creative(창조적인) idea.

338. Telephone representatives should make the needs of customers(고객) their priority.

339. The remark was a deliberate(고의적인) attempt to harm the competition.

340. We can strengthen product appeal by diversifying(다양화하다) packaging designs.

341. Advertisements were run in an effort(노력) to broaden consumer awareness of new brands.

342. The product was endorsed(보증 선전하다) by a famous actor.

343. The marketing team experimented(실험하다) with new promotional techniques.

344. The product demonstration was favorably(호의적으로) received by consumers.

345. Management wanted to know whether it was feasible(실행 가능한) to increase production.

346. The TX-100 will fortify(강화하다) MacTech's position in the industry.

347. Our company's research program has moved forward(앞으로) substantially.

348. Financial incentives(혜택) such as coupons may encourage additional purchases.

349. Studies indicate(나타내다) that consumers prefer attractively packaged products.

350. The status of the real estate market influences(~에 영향을 주다) pricing of housing units.

351. The brand logo should be instantly(즉각적으로) recognizable.

352. ElectroLife introduced(소개하다) a new line of vacuum cleaners.

353. Public favor largely(주로) determines our success.

354. Less competition among insurance companies led to higher premiums(보험료).

355. The majority(대부분) of registered clients pay their dues regularly.

356. Customers showed only marginal(약간의) interest in the new product.

357. Mr. Dane is the mastermind(지도자) behind the innovative design.

358. Direct surveys are one means(방법) of gathering consumer feedback.

359. Increased production does not necessarily lead to greater revenues(수입).

360. The company is in need of(필요한) an untapped market.

361. Customers have repeatedly(거듭) requested the new product catalog.

362. Management's strategy(전략) for expansion has been successful.

363. Toyamal launched an affordable(알맞은) mid-range sedan.

364. The customer asked that the length of his pants be altered(고치다).

365. Men's apparel(의류) is located on the second floor.

366. The cashier applied(적용하다) the discount to all the items.

367. There are excellent retail stores(소매점) in this area.

368. A number of antique pieces will be sold at the auction(경매).

369. Authentic(진짜의) Spanish olives are only sold in gourmet grocery stores.

370. The shoppers Club offers many benefits(혜택) to its members.

371. Please follow the installation directions carefully(주의 깊게).

372. The price includes handing and shipping charges(요금).

373. We guarantee delivery(배달) within three days.

374. Call customer service for a more extensive description(설명서) of any of the products.

375. Dilute(희석하다) the bleach with water prior to use.

376. Purchases can only be exchanged for equivalent(~에 상당하는) merchandise.

377. Our sales representatives can help you decide exactly(정확히) what style fits you best.

378. A 10% discount is available exclusively(독점적으로) to Premium Club members.

379. Our Persian carpets feature exquisite(정교한) handcrafted designs.

380. The hats are made to fit(~에 꼭 맞다) all sizes.

381. The store allows you to pay for furniture in monthly installments(할부).

382. Cheap, low quality jeans have flooded the market lately(최근에).

383. All merchandise(상품) is marked down 10%.

384. Checks are a popular method(방법) of payment.

385. The prices listed in the catalog are effective until further notice(통지).

386. Z-Mart offers(제공하다) customers an additional discount on cash payments.

387. The online store will officially(공식적으로) open next month.

388. The new color printer has a retail price(소매가) of only $150.99.

389. The customer purchased(구매하다) a laptop computer.

390. Our staff is readily(즉시) available to help you.

391. The original receipt(영수증) is required for all refunds.

392. Store gift vouchers are redeemable(상환할 수 있는) at any branch.

393. You can get a refund(환불) for a defective product.

394. We should take a comprehensive(종합적인) physical examination every year.

395. People taking medication need to be conscious(의식하는) of the risks.

396. This sturdy(튼튼한) suitcase is ideal for business trips.

397. Taxes(세금) are included in the sale price.

398. Discount coupons are popular with thrifty(검소한) shoppers.

399. A valid(유효한) receipt must be presented.

400. The company's assets(자산) have fallen in value.

401. The complaining customer was offered a credit voucher(상품권).

402. The computer is under warranty(보증) for two years.

403. Components are produced abroad and assembled(조립하다) domestically.

404. He attributed(~의 탓으로 돌리다) high production levels to efficient management.

405. The assembly line will be fully automated(자동화하다) by next year.

406. We are capable(~을 할 수 있는) of processing all kinds of metals.

407. The warehouse's capacity(수용력) will double after the renovation.

408. Inexperienced(미숙련의) workers handled the materials carelessly.

409. Special gear is needed when working with dangerous chemicals(화학제품).

410. Factory output will double in the coming(다가오는) year.

411. The product's quality is comparable(필적하는) to industry standards.

412. The conveyor belts were damaged(손상된) from excessive use.

413. The new device was tested for possible defects(결함).

414. The company discontinued(중단하다) manufacturing the outdated clothing line.

415. The consultant introduced measures to improve energy efficiency(효율).

416. The company uses special equipment to load machinery onto freight(화물) trucks.

417. The technical glitches had evidently(분명히) been fixed.

418. Skilled factory workers fabricate(제작하다) production molds and cast parts.

419. A new production facility(시설) was opened in Vermont.

420. The machine fills(~을 채우다) containers with paint.

421. The finished product will be unveiled(출시되다) next month.

422. The blackout immediately brought production to a halt(중단).

423. Computer programmers fix technical glitches(결함) before launching any software.

424. The designers selected the material for its durability(내구성).

425. The assembly line operates round the clock(24시간 내내).

426. The production line has become fully operational(작동하는).

427. The factory supervisor has placed production operations on standby(대기상태로).

428. The plant was closed for half a business day due to a power outage(정전).

429. After the accident, the company introduced stricter safety precautions(예방조치).

430. Employees are expected to observe safety guidelines to prevent injuries(상해).

431. Food processing(처리) requires a clean environment.

432. The main office handles the procurement(조달) of raw materials.

433. The new machinery produces(생산하다) 1,000 units per hour.

434. Machinery must be well maintained to operate properly(제대로).

435. Protective gear(보호 장구) must be worn at all times.

436. Each work team meets a daily quota(할당량) of 480 assembled units.

437. Factory supervisors prioritize(우선 순위에 두다) safety over production.

438. The cushioning pads are made separately(따로따로) as each shoe is slightly different.

439. The quality control team checks if all items meet product specifications(명세서).

440. The product is in the final stage(단계) of development.

441. The production team has a very low tolerance(관용) for careless mistakes.

442. The technicians utilized(이용하다) computer technology to improve processes.

443. The latest technology keeps production costs to an absolute(완전한) minimum.

444. The new accounting software is accurate(정확한) and precise.

445. The R&D Department researches advances(진보) in computer technology.

445. The program's new feature allows(허용하다) users to conduct advanced searches.

446. The design team completely modernized the product's appearance(외관).

447. The laboratory results were bewildering(당혹케 하는) to scientists.

448. Agris Automotive announced a breakthrough(비약적 발전) in its air bag design.

449. The new CEO is broadening(넓히다) the scope of the company's research.

450. The remote control is compatible(호환성의) with all models.

451. The new laptop will complement(보완하다) our existing desktop computers.

452. Staff members are developing several new product designs concurrently(동시에).

453. Health inspection are performed to control the quality of processed foods(가공식품).

454. The new elevators are resistant to corrosion(부식).

455. The project is in the final stage of development(개발).

456. The firm devised(고안하다) a more efficient network system.

457. Financial limitations caused a disruption(중단) in development.

458. Silicone is known as a durable(내구성 있는) material.

459. The development plan was different from what management envisioned(상상하다).

460. The latest dryer has several new features(특징).

461. The new perfume has a light apple scent(향기).

462. The patent for the handheld computer was granted(수여하다) $4000.

463. The washing machine holds(~을 담다) up to 3kg of laundry.

464. A variety of incentives(장려금) can improve staff productivity.

465. Technology is becoming an increasingly(점점) important factor in the nation's economy.

466. Uneven printing is an indication(징후) of a technical fault.

467. We provide clients with innovative(혁신적인) solutions to their needs.

468. The factory overseer thoroughly inspects(조사하다) manufacturing facilities every month.

469. Our new fashion designer draws her inspiration(영감) from traditional attire.

470. This report outlines our department's interpretation(해석) of the data.

471. This product is unconditionally guaranteed(보증하다) by the manufacturer.

472. After careful evaluation, the company withdrew obsolete(시대에 뒤떨어진) products from the market.

473. The firm's lawyers submitted the paperwork for a patent(특허권) application.

474. Discerning customers patronize(단골로 삼다) stores with excellent reputations.

475. Employees may extend their insurance coverage(보상범위) to spouses.

476. Tests showed that our products are reliable(믿을 만한) and efficient.

477. Sleep deprivation(박탈) weakens the immune system.

478. The car's revolutionary new engine outstrips(앞지르다) the competition.

479. The camera features a new sleek(세련된) design.

480. The Hi-Tech company introduced a state-of-the-art(최신식의) microwave.

481. The latest feature in Xpress software streamlines(능률적으로 하다) invoicing procedures.

482. The containers are sufficiently(충분히) strong enough to resist breakage.

483. The company's latest TV is superior(우수한) to those on the market today.

484. If you experience technical problems with the lawnmower(잔듸깎는 기계), contact the help center.

485. Older internet security programs are vulnerable(취약한) to hacking.

486. We apologize(사과하다) for the defective mechanical equipment.

487. Telephone representatives should know how to handle customer complaints appropriately(적절하게).

488. Service personnel must avoid becoming argumentative(논쟁적인) with upset customers.

489. The customer claimed the product has a slight blemish(흠).

490. The defect in the light was caused by improper(부적절한) wiring.

491. Public health advertising may deter(단념시키다) unhealthy behaviors.

492. The paperwork must be completed(완료하다) within one month.

493. Salespeople tend to give many compliments(칭찬).

494. Enthusiasm and a confident(자신 있는) manner are essential for this sales position.

495. All complaints must be handled in a courteous(예의바른) manner.

496. Many customers were critical(비판적인) of the new services.

497. The problem will be dealt with(처리하다) immediately.

498. The buyer requested a refund for the defective(결함이 있는) hair dryer.

499. Most customers are hesitant to disclose(공개하다) private details when ordering online.

500. A sales clerk escorted(바래다 주다) the customer to the menswear department.

501. Please fill out the evaluation(평가) form.

502. The technician fixed(수리하다) the glitch in the computer program.

503. Products under warranty are repaired for free(무료로).

504. Call our information line for further(그 이상의) details.

505. The manufacturer recommends using genuine(진짜의) replacement parts.

506. The doctor's diagnosis(진단) turned out to be wrong.

507. Do not hesitate(주저하다) to ask for assistance.

508. We apologize for the inconvenience(불편) during construction.

509. The clerk's ineptitude infuriated(격분시키다) the customer.

510. Several people called in to inquire(질문하다) about the store's latest promotions.

511. Please read all the instructions before inserting(삽입하다) the CD.

512. The package was mistakenly(잘못되게) delivered to Staten Island.

513. We require written notification(통지) of any order cancellations.

514. Store personnel must always speak to customers politely(예의 바르게).

515. The manufacturer will rebate(환불하다) the full sales tax on your purchase.

516. The mechanic replaced(~을 교체하다) the generator's motor with a new one.

517. Sales clerks should respond(응답하다) promptly to questions from customers.

518. Merchandise can be returned(반환하다) at the counter.

519. We hope our service was to your satisfaction(만족스러운).

520. When seeking help online, customers must be very specific(구체적인) in describing problems.

521. For acute pain, the recommended dose(1회 복용량) is 30 mg once daily.

522. Sky Alliance members can accumulate(축적하다) mileage on all our partner airlines.

523. The baggage allowance(허용치) for flight passengers is 20 kilograms.

524. A nonstop flight takes approximately(대략) thirteen hours.

525. the city's best tourist attractions(관광명소).

526. Historic City Hall is located about fifteen miles away from(떨어져서) the convention center.

527. Stow(집어넣다) baggage under the seat in front of you.

528. Reservations should be made three weeks beforehand(이전에).

529. Business class passengers were invited to board(탑승하다) the plane.

530. Pick up a tourist brochure(소책자) at the information center.

531. Hundreds of passengers go through customs(세관) every hour.

532. Goods subject to customs duties must be declared(신고하다).

533. Flight QF-302 to Sydney departs(출발하다) from London Heathrow airport at 10:45 p.m.

534. Travel agents can provide information about a travel destination(목적지).

535. the diverse(다양한) attractions of the city.

536. This tour includes the country's most dramatic(극적인) scenery.

537. Passengers must pay duty(관세) on goods worth more than $500.

538. Visa information can be obtained at the nearest embassy(대사관).

539. In case of emergency(비상상태), oxygen masks will automatically drop from above.

540. Our web site contains information on the world's most exotic(이국적인) vacation sports.

541. Please fill out(적어 넣다) the form prior landing.

542. The guests appreciated the hospitality(환대) extended to them during their stay.

543. Indulge(탐닉하다) in a getaway to the jungles and reefs of Belize.

544. Passengers(승객) for international flights check in at counter 3.

545. The itinerary(여행일정) includes visit to Boston.

546. Some passengers take sleeping pills to overcome jet lag(시차증).

547. Same-day laundry(세탁물) service is available on request.

548. Airline personnel have tried to locate(찾아내다) the passenger's lost luggage.

549. The missing(행방불명의) luggage will be sent to the hotel.

550. Place belongings in the overhead(머리 위의) compartments.

551. The plane will take off at precisely(정확히) 8 p.m.

552. Seat belts must be fastened prior to(~이전에) departure.

553. Remittance(송금) for the tickets is due Monday.

554. The fare for the round trip(왕복여행) to Cairo includes two nights' accommodation.

555. The seating capacity(좌석 수용) of this airplane is two-hundred and fifty.

556. The service at the hotel was superb(뛰어난).

557. Passengers are not allowed to swap(맞바꾸다) seats.

558. The private plane touched down(착륙하다) at the airport.

559. The guide gave us a tour(견학) of the manufacturing plant.

560. The luxury suite is currently unavailable(구할 수 없는).

561. This island is a unique(독특한) resort for travelers who want something different.

562. Unlimited(무제한의) mileage is included with all our car rental quotes.

563. The agreement(계약) has been signed by both parties.

564. The corporations formed an alliance(동맹).

565. The author submitted an annotated(주석이 달린) version of his manuscript.

566. The company is seeking an annulment(무효화) of its deal with its distributor.

567. The arbitration(중재) for wage negotiations ended in a deadlock.

568. The construction firm Martin&Sons put in a bid(입찰) for the contract.

569. Constructing the new wing proved to be a challenging(도전적인) project.

570. Moksel Company and Boston University collaborated(공동으로 일하다) on the research project.

571. After several talks, the contractors came to a satisfactory compromise(타협).

572. The duration(지속 기간) of the illness may vary from individual.

573. The company worked cooperatively(협력하여) with Pacific Co. to build the railway.

574. Friday's negotiations ended in a deadlock(교착상태).

575. The dispute(논쟁) over the copyright prompted court action.

576. The company embarked(착수하다) on a fresh round of negotiations.

577. The previous contract expired(만기가 되다) a few weeks ago.

578. The proposal served as the foundation(토대) on which our agreement was concluded.

579. The judge impartially(공명정대하게) settled the contractual dispute.

580. It is imperative(의무적인) that the agreement be fully honored.

581. The representative's presentation gave the impression(인상) that his company is well-organized.

582. The representatives initially(처음에) rejected the contract terms.

583. The management has resolved a pay dispute through mediation(조정).

584. Mr. Chang acted as moderator(사회자) during yesterday afternoon's meeting.

585. The parties agreed to modify(수정하다) the wording of some clauses.

586. The number of sites has been narrowed(좁히다) down to three.

587. Negotiations(교섭) are now in process.

588. The opposing(대립하는) factions could not find a resolution.

589. The company wants to change the conditions originally(원래) agreed upon.

590. The preamble(서론) to the contract states the purpose clearly.

591. Talks over the companies' merger are proceeding(진행되다) well.

592. The project leader made several major changes to the proposal(계획).

593. The CEO added a new provision(조항) to the contract last week.

594. They renewed(갱신하다) the six-month contract after discussions.

595. Please review(검토하다) all of the documents carefully.

596. They complained about the rigid(엄격한) contractual obligations.

597. The management made attempts to settle the unfair dismissal(해고) case.

598. The Department of Transportation solicited(요청하다) proposals for a transport project.

599. One of the stipulations(계약조건) was that the goods must be insured.

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